It is timely to remind residents that the bushfire season is upon us again.  The fire authorities are reminding us it may be a higher than normal bushfire season and to prepare our homes and properties NOW.

You should be aware of and make yourself familiar with the essential emergency procedures that are recommended by the ACT Emergency Services Agency.  Comprehensive information and related plans can be accessed on the ACT Emergency Services website.

Know your risk!  Check if your house is located in a bushfire prone area and prepare your exit strategy by planning your exit routes in the event of an emergency.

Download and complete a Bushfire Survival Plan.  This plan contains everything you need to know about bushfire safety and survival.  Make sure everyone in your household is brushed up on the plan regularly!

A Bushfire Survival Plan helps you make important decisions before you are threatened by a bushfire. Your plan will help protect your family and assist you in preparing your home.



To celebrate Neighbour Day, Sunday 25 March 2018, ACT Neighbourhood Watch will again present the ACT NHW Good Neighbour Award.  Do you know someone who:

* made a positive difference to your neighbourhood;

* makes a special effort to assist people around them;

* offers to help out in practical or special ways;

* volunteers or supports the local community;

Then why not nominate them for the Award (click here to open the form).  The theme this year is "The importance of a supportive neighbourhood for children and young people.