You can increase your feeling of confidence in your security by reducing the opportunities for crime. Being aware of safety measures you can take in your home can greatly increase your feeling of personal safety.

Improve your physical security at home with door and window locks. Your home should be clearly visible to the street, neighbours and passers-by. Bushes and trees that obstruct a clear view of windows or doors provide perfect cover for intruders so keep these trimmed back.

   * External doors should be fitted with deadlocks.

   * A door viewer (peephole) gives you a good view of the person on the other side of the door.

   * Have quality keyed locks on all windows, unless the windows are grilled.

   * Identify your property by marking it with an engraver, remember marked property is a deterrent against theft.

We are very lucky to live in a city as safe as Canberra, but making use of some basic safety strategies will help keep you more secure.


Each year ACT Neighbourhood Watch celebrates Neighbour Day with a Good Neighbour Award to a resident of the ACT. It is granted to a nominee for making a positive difference to their neighbourhood; making a special effort towards people around them; offering to help out in practical or special ways or for volunteering or supporting the local community.

This year the Good Neighbour Award goes to Amy and Prescott Pym from Forde.

Amy and Prescott Pym actively promote community spirit, inclusiveness and engagement through the work they do as Events Manager and President of the Forde Community Association. They were part of the original team to establish the group and work tirelessly to engage with the residents of their suburb through social media and annual family events held throughout the year.

Amy and Prescott selflessly dedicate many hours of their own time to connecting families of Forde and supporting ACT Neighbourhood Watch through invitations to partake in their events and sharing many of the messages ACT Neighbourhood Watch publishes through social media. Amy and Prescott represent the true values of Good Neighbours in our community.