Here are a few simple measures to help keep your home safe whilst you are away:

  • * ensure the house is properly secured (doors and windows locked and non-essential power, water or gas is turned off)

  • * arrange for mail to be collected by a neighbour, a trusted friend, or held at the Post Office (and arrange for someone to clear junk mail)

  • * stop the delivery of newspapers

  • * install timer switches on lights and radios

  • * do not leave wheelie bins on the front kerb other than at the due collection times

  • * put all the garden tools away and ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on the premises

  • * give a duplicate set of keys to a trusted friend or neighbour – never leave spare keys outside your home

  • * ensure your phone message and/or Facebook page don’t state that you are away for the weekend, attending a wedding, on holidays, etc.





NHWConnect has been developed to allow community minded people to create online groups with their neighbours to promote NHW groups.

Groups can be established to promote community safety and crime prevention.

NHWConnect allows timely discussions about ongoing events within our geographical vicinity (streets and suburbs) or through our community of interest i.e. a sports club, school or child care centre.

For further information see the NHWA website: www.nhwa.com.au