Vehicle break-ins are often opportunistic crimes. Even when your car is locked, it’s not impenetrable; take the time to secure it.
Follow these tips to decrease the chances of theft or damage to your car:

    •  Ensure the doors and boot are locked and secure.

    •  Close all windows and the sunroof.

    • When parking your car at night, use an area that is well lit.

    • Do not leave valuables in your car like your wallet, phone or tablet, even if it’s locked.

    • Spare keys or garage remotes should never be hidden in or on the car.

    • If you have a garage, use it rather than leave your car in the driveway or on the street.

    • Remove cheque books, credit cards, driver's licence and registration papers from the glove box.

    • Record serial numbers of valuables and details of your car such as make, model and engine number. 




Sometimes it can be confusing to know what to report and when to report it. Below is a list of examples of suspicious behaviours; if you see similar activities occurring, we recommend that you need to call and report it to Police.

     •   A person carrying property; such as electronic equipment, stereo, office equipment, or a locked bike, at an unusual time or location.

     •   Someone going door-to-door in an office building or residential area without the appropriate identification; or a vehicle cruising the streets repeatedly; this person may be looking for an opportunity to steal unattended property from unsecured offices or homes.

     •   Anyone forcing their way into a locked vehicle; especially at night.

     •   Transactions being held at a vehicle or a high volume of traffic going to and coming from a home on a daily basis.