Suspicious behaviour can refer to incidents, individuals or circumstances that seem unusual. It can be confusing to know what to report, here are some examples. If you see similar occurring, we recommend you report it to Police.

    * A person carrying property; such as computer equipment, stereo, office equipment, or a locked bike, at an unusual time or location.

    * Someone going door-to-door in an office or residential area without proper identification.

    * Business transactions at a vehicle or a high volume of traffic going to and from a home on a daily basis.

    * People sitting in a parked car checking out the area.

    * Someone being forced into a vehicle or forcing their way into a locked vehicle.

    * A person showing unusual mental or physical symptoms; they may be injured, under the influence of illegal drugs or prescribed medications.

    * Strange noises; gunshots, yelling, fighting sounds, dogs barking incessantly.

Report Suspicious behaviour to Police on 131 444 or Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.  In emergencies call 000.




Neighbourhood Watch provides a platform to encourage community awareness to help tackle local and national security issues.

Neighbourhood Watch is Australia wide, it is about working together as a community to improve personal safety and household security.

There is no financial impediment to becoming a member because membership is free.

Neighbourhood Watch, Federal and State Police and Crime Stoppers are an important “partnership” that share common interests and values that deliver direct benefits to the Australian community.

The Neighbourhood Watch Program is a community lead safety and awareness program that aims to prevent crime, stop social isolation and increase the safety, security and quality of life for everyone in the community.

Neighbourhood Watch helps people feel more connected in their community.  It gives people cause and confidence to make contact and interact with their neighbours, committee members, local police and crime stoppers.

An extremely high percentage of crimes are solved because of reports to Crime Stoppers.