Suspecious Behaviour

Sometimes it can be confusing to know what to report and when to report it. Below is a list of examples of suspicious behaviours; if you see similar activities occurring, we recommend that you need to call and report it to Police.

  •     A person carrying property; such as electronic equipment, stereo, office equipment, or a locked bike, at an unusual time or location.

  •     Someone going door-to-door in an office building or residential area without the appropriate identification; or a vehicle cruising the streets repeatedly; this person may be looking for an opportunity to steal unattended property from unsecured offices or homes.

  •     Anyone forcing their way into a locked vehicle; especially at night.

  •     Transactions being held at a vehicle or a high volume of traffic going to and coming from a home on a daily basis.

  •     One or more people sitting in a parked car checking out the area; they may be lookouts for a possible crime in progress, a burglary or robbery or planning a crime in the future.

  •      Someone being forced into a vehicle; this could be domestic violence or an abduction.

  •      A person showing unusual mental or physical symptoms; he or she may be injured, have been in an accident, be under the influence of illegal drugs or prescribed medications, or need other medical or psychiatric help.

  •     Unusual noises; alarms, gunshots, yelling, fighting sounds, dogs barking incessantly.

NHWA Suspecious Behaviour Brochure